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The saying goes that ignorance is bliss, but that's not the truth. The truth is people perish for their lack of knowledge (Job 36:12 | Proverbs 5:23 | Proverbs 10:21 | Hosea 4:6).


There is power in a voice, especially when it is spurred on by the One who created it. There is power in those who dare to have the conversations that reside on the verge of uncomfortable. Where dialogue is present, this is where ignorance fades and truth comes forth.


Heart Over Hue was founded by Desiree Davenport, who decided to no longer look away from a problem but to acknowledge it and have the conversation it desperately needed. With an open heart and mind, Desiree immersed herself in education regarding the history of racism and allowed her heart to be changed as she learned.


“The spring semester of my sophomore year of college I began taking African-American literature, and I would leave class in tears,” says Desiree. “I would leave class with such a huge burden on my heart, and I was wrecked not just as a Black American female, but also as a Christian.”


Through both dialogue in and outside of the classroom, Desiree began to explore the topic of racism and discrimination with her peers.


“I’m thankful for the people who were around me that year,” says Desiree. “My roommates and I would discuss the topic of racism and gain knowledge and perspective from each other. We did not all look the same, and we all came from different backgrounds, but we were all willing to have the conversation – no matter how awkward it started off. We were all willing to share our hearts and our opinions, and I’m thankful for that.”


After having conversations with her peers, Desiree felt the need to speak more regarding racism and be bold in leading healthy conversations with others. As time progressed, she found herself speaking increasingly more on racism and discrimination.


“One night, in particular, I really wanted to post this picture from a summer prior to my sophomore year,” says Desiree. “I was staring at this picture of my friend and me from camp, and we just had such joy and love for each other – I a black female, and her a white female. I prayed about the caption, asking God what is it that He would have me say. I heard the words ‘heart over hue’ so clearly. Without thinking twice, after a message on social injustice I hashtagged HeartOverHue and suddenly people started commenting with the hashtag ‘HeartOverHue’ – I wasn’t expecting that.”


After the response to her post on social media, Desiree felt God calling her to create a hat. She traveled to Tampa, where she visited a hat store and had two hats created with the logo God had shown her for Heart Over Hue.  


“I was not looking for a ministry. I just wanted to bring awareness to discrimination and racism that is still alive today,” says Desiree. “Now there’s Heart Over Hue and it's continuing to snowball. I am beyond grateful that God would choose me, and trust me to carry out this ministry.”


As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Heart Over Hue exists to break that silence, and bring about awareness through conversation.


Join the dialogue.


-Written by Devin Yasi

"May we see others for their heart and not judge them by their hue."